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Table 1.  Basic and expanded LDS features
  • Student unique identifier system
  • Student data (enrollment, attendance, demographics, and program participation)
    • Student-level college readiness test scores
    • Information on untested students
    • Student-level transcript and detailed course-taking information
    • Student-level graduation and dropout data
  • Annual summative assessment data links from year to year
  • Teacher unique identifier system and ability to link teacher and student data
  • Teacher and staff data
  • Data warehouse
  • Reporting and analysis tools
  • Interoperability
  • Portability
  • Privacy protection
  • Data sharing beyond K–12 (P–20)
    • Early childhood education
    • Postsecondary
    • Workforce
  • Data audit system to assess data quality, validity, and reliability
  • Interim and formative assessment data
  • Linkage to finance data
  • Linkage to facilities data
  • Data sharing with Social Services
  • Role-based stakeholder access via web-based portals
  • Other data
  • Geographic information system