Data Visualization Course

The Forum Data Visualization Online Course is designed to help education agencies communicate data meaning in visual formats that are accessible, accurate, and actionable for a wide range of education stakeholders. It is based on the Forum Guide to Data Visualization: A Resource for Education Agencies. This course is intended for staff in local, state, and federal education agencies whose responsibilities include any aspect of analyzing data or sharing meaning through data with education stakeholders. It may also be of interest to others concerned about the utility of elementary and secondary education data. After completing this course, users will be able to identify the principles for the application of data visualization techniques to the presentation of education data. For more information about the National Forum on Education Statistics, visit

Please note that each module is designed to be completed in one self-paced learning session-a login is not required. If you need to leave a module prior to completion and return at a later time, you have the option to continue from where you previously stopped when you return to the module on the same device using the same web browser.

Data Visualization Module 1

Module 1. Introduction to Data Visualization

This module introduces the foundational concepts and practices of data visualization. It includes five sections:

  • Lesson 1: What is Data Visualization?
  • Lesson 2: Key Principles for Effective Data Visualization
  • Lesson 3: Six-Step Process for Data Visualization
  • Lesson 4: Data Visualization and Education Data: A Simple Example
  • Voluntary Assessment

Estimated time to completion: 25-40 minutes

Data Visualization Module 2

Module 2. Applied Data Visualization

This module demonstrates the effective application of data visualization to common education topics. It includes three lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Data Visualization Use in Education
  • Lesson 2: Data Visualization in Your Organization
  • Lesson 3: Seven Recommended Practices for Data Visualization

Estimated time to completion: 30-50 minutes

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