Data Use Working Group

Purpose: This group developed the Forum Guide to Taking Action with Education Data. This guide provides stakeholders with practical information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to more effectively access, interpret, and use education data to inform action. The document includes an overview of the evolving nature of data use, basic data use concepts, and a list of skills necessary for effectively using data. The Guide recommends a question-driven approach to data use, in which the following questions can help guide readers who need to use data to take action: What do I want to know? What data might be relevant? How will I access relevant data? What skills and tools do I need to analyze the data? What do the data tell me? What are my conclusions? What will I do? What effects did my actions have? and What are my next steps? The Briefs that accompany the Introduction are written for three key education audiences: Educators, School and District Leaders, and State Program Staff.

David Feliciano, Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools (GA)
Tom Howell, State of Michigan, Center for Educational Performance and Information
Laurel Krsek, San Ramon Valley Unified School District (CA)
Al Larson, Meriden Board of Education (CT)
Allen Miedema, Northshore School District (WA)
Jay Pennington, Iowa Department of Education
Brian Snow, Maine State Department of Education
David Weinberger, Yonkers Public Schools (NY)

Chair: Kathy Gosa, Kansas State Department of Education

NCES Staff: Ghedam Bairu

Support: Tom Szuba, QIP