Current Projects

The Forum convenes working groups to produce resources that are:

  1. related to education data standards, quality, collection, use, reporting, or management;
  2. useful to a large audience within the education data community (often staff in schools, school districts, and state education agencies);
  3. consistent with the Forum mission; and
  4. not currently available from other organizations.

Working groups are comprised of Forum members, representatives of collaborating organizations (when, for example, a topic overlaps with another organization's area of expertise), Federal staff, and other experts. To ensure that working group products meet the high quality standards of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the National Forum on Education Statistics, working groups are expected to share progress reports and review drafts throughout the development process so that Forum members have an opportunity to review, offer feedback and, ultimately, approve all Forum resources prior to publication. Upon final publication of a document, the working group is disbanded and assigned status as a "completed project."

Working Groups