Crime, Violence, and Discipline Working Group

Purpose: This working group developed the Forum Guide to Crime, Violence, and Discipline Incident Data, which focuses on the use of crime, violence, and discipline data to improve school safety. The guide was created in collaboration with the Discipline Data Working Group of the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that it will be useful to states and districts reporting data to the Office for Civil Rights, the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, and EDFacts.

James Haessly, School District of Waukesha (WI)
Derek Howard, Utah State Office of Education
Irma Jones, Tennessee Department of Education
Tom Ogle, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Janice Petro, Colorado Department of Education
Linda Rocks, Bossier Parish Schools (LA)
David Weinberger, Yonkers Public Schools (NY)

Chair: William Smith, Sioux Falls School District (SD)

NCES Staff: Ghedam Bairu

Support: Tom Szuba, QIP