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SEA Liaison Responsibilities

The State Education Agency (SEA) liaison is appointed by the Chief State School Officer and is expected to speak on his or her behalf on issues of education data policy. A state liaison has several important responsibilities.

  • The SEA Liaison shall act as representative in the coordination of Federal data collections at the state level and in other matters concerning the Cooperative System.
  • The SEA Liaison shall attend annual meetings of the National Forum on Education Statistics and participate in the annual NCES Data Conference.
  • The SEA shall designate coordinators for data collection and assessment activities under the Common Core of Data (CCD).
  • The SEA shall provide every single data item requested on the CCD surveys within the established NCES timelines.
  • The SEA liaison will serve as the contact for Basic Participation Awards granted under the Cooperative System contract.
  • Under the Cooperative System Basic Participation Award, SEA liaisons shall oversee the submission of the following to NCES:
    1. A list of SEA survey coordinators;
    2. An attendance plan for Forum and Data Conference meetings; and
    3. A list of participants at Forum and Data Conference meetings from the SEA.

For more information about SEA responsibilities, visit the Forum New Members' Page.


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