Forum Annual Report 2002-03

National Cooperative Education Statistics System
National Forum on Education Statistics



Chairperson: Raymond Yeagley, Rochester School Department, NH
Vice-Chair: Bethann Canada, Virginia Department of Education
Past Chair: Lavan Dukes, Florida Department of Education

Standing Committees

National Education Statistics Agenda Committee (NESAC)
Chair: Bill Smith, Sioux Falls School District, SD
Vice-Chair: Patricia Murphy, Utah State Office of Education

Policies, Programs and Implementation (PPI)
Chair: Nerissa Bretania-Shafer, Guam Department of Education
Vice-Chair: Gerald Hottinger, Pennsylvania Department of Education

Technology, Dissemination & Communication (TD&C)
Chair: Roger Young, Haverhill Public Schools, MA
Vice-Chair: Tom Purwin, Jersey City Public Schools, NJ


Facilities Information Management: A Guide for State and Local Education Agencies, July 2003
Education Facilities Data Task Force
Task Force Members: Patricia Murphy, chair; Louis Ferratier; John Fink; Engin Konanc; William Porter; Robert Rodosky; and Robert Thomas
Principal Consulting Officer: Mary Filardo
Consultants: Oona Cheung, Jinhee Lee, and Deborah Newby
Project Officer: Lee Hoffman

Weaving a Secure Web Around Education: A Guide to Technology Standards and Security, April 2003
Web Standards and Security Task Force
Members: Joe Pangborn, chair; Aleck Johnson; Nico Kalteis; Gerald Malitz; Jeff Stowe; Nancy Walker; Geannie Wells; and Raymond Yeagley
Consultant: Andy Rogers
Project Officer: Ghedam Bairu

Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities, February 2003
School Facilities Maintenance Task Force
Members: Roger Young, chair; John P. Bowers; Edward H. Brzezowski; Janet Emerick; Mary Filardo; Joan Hubbard; Christine Lynch; Judy Marks; Patricia Murphy; Frank Norwood; Timothy Shrom; John Sullivan; and David Uhlig
Consultant: Tom Szuba
Project Officer: Lee Hoffman

Technology in Schools: Suggestions, Tools and Guidelines for Assessing Technology in Elementary and Secondary Education, November 2002
Technology in Schools Task Force
Members: Tom Ogle, chair; Morgan Branch; Bethann Canada; Oren Christmas; Judith Fillion; Ed Goddard; N. Blair Loudat; Tom Purwin; Andy Rogers and Mike Vinson
Consultant: John Clement
Project Officers: Carl Schmitt and Lee Hoffman

Safety in Numbers: Collecting and Using Crime, Violence, and Discipline Incident Data to Make a Difference in Schools, July 2002
Crime, Violence, and Discipline Task Force
Members: Annette Barwick and Bill Smith, co-chairs; Bunny Mack; Susan Meston; Linda Rocks; Brad James; Carolyn Brown; Helene Bettencourt; Judith Holt; Amanda Miller; and Deborah Rudy
Consultant: Irene Hantman
Project Officer: Ghedam Bairu

Forum Brochures

Power Tools for Your Schools, 2003
Putting Numbers to Work for Schools, 2003

Current Task Forces

Data Quality Task Force
Blair Loudat, chair, North Clackamas Schools, OR
Annette Barwick, Hillsborough County Public Schools, NC
Bethann Canada, Virginia Department of Education
William Smith, Sioux Falls School District, SD
Susan VanGorden, Lakota Local School District, OH
Project Officer: Ghedam Bairu, National Center for Education Statistics
Consultant: Andy Rogers, Education Statistics Services Institute

Education Finance Task Force
Linda Champion, chair, Florida Department of Education
James Christman, Pittsburg State University
Matthew Cohen, Ohio Department of Education
Lavan Dukes, Florida Department of Education
Dori Nielson, Education Consultant
Catherine Sielke, University of Georgia
Project Officer: Frank Johnson, National Center for Education Statistics
Consultant: Steven Honegger, American Institutes for Research

Education Performance Indicators Task Force
Steven King, chair, Wyoming Department of Education
Lavan Dukes, Florida Department of Education
John Ferrara, Vermont Department of Education
Bobby Franklin, Louisiana Department of Education
Pam Homan, Sioux Falls School District, SD
Sherrill Martinez, Kansas State Department of Education
Glenn McClain, Platte Valley School District, Weld RE-7, CO
Deborah Newby, Council of Chief State School Officers
David Weinberger, Yonkers Public Schools, NY
Lonnie Yingst, Great Falls Public Schools, MT
Project Officer: Lee Hoffman, National Center for Education Statistics
Consultant: Tom Szuba, Education Research Consultant

Student Privacy Task Force
Dennis Powell, chair, Illinois State Board of Education
Annette Barwick, Hillsborough County Public Schools, NC
Richard Foster, U.S. Department of Education
Patricia Gonzalez, U.S. Department of Education
John Haigh, U.S. Department of Education
Gerald Hottinger, Pennsylvania Department of Education
Susan Meston, Muskegon Area Intermediate School District
Nancy Resch, New Jersey Department of Education
Mary Schifferli, U.S. Department of Education
Barbara Semper, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Lee Tack, Iowa Department of Education
Kathleen Wolan, U.S. Department of Education
William Wooten, U.S. Department of Education
Project Officer: Ghedam Bairu, National Center for Education Statistics
Consultant: Oona Cheung

Selected State Agency Online Data Issues, 2003
Online database, completed by state Forum representatives (updates are ongoing) describing the interest, status, and developmental progress in the areas of online data collection, student information systems, and decision support systems.

Special Task Order Awards, 2003
Connecticut: Improving Capacity to Report Required Student Data
Hawaii: Enterprise Information Architecture Development
Kentucky: Ensuring Quality Data Drives Decision-Making
Pennsylvania: Interoperability Framework (SIF) Part II
South Carolina: Teacher and Paraprofessional Data Reporting
Wisconsin: Improving Accountability System Data

Summer 2002 - Action Items

  • On behalf of the Forum, Raymond Yeagley wrote a letter to all the state chiefs to request that they tell their LEAs about the valuable free services the Forum offers.
  • The Navajo Nation and the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) were invited to become Associate Members in the Forum. Both organizations accepted our invitation.
  • The Data Quality Task Force was established.
  • The Forum Strategic Plan was reviewed and updated.

Winter 2003 - Action Items

  • The Forum sent a letter to the Deputy Secretary of Education offering the expertise of the membership in implementing the data requirements of NCLB.
  • It was proposed that the Forum send a letter to the Department of Education to request the restoration of active participation in the Forum for Outlying Areas. The letter was not sent since the issue was resolved with the Outlying Areas receiving associate memberships.