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Steering Committee Summer 2003 Meeting Notes



Action Items
July 22-23, 2003
Washington, DC

  1. The proposed Data Model Working Group will remain inactive pending the activities of related initiatives from SIF and CELT/CCSSO. Interested Forum members may continue as a working group to coordinate interest with these other efforts.

  2. Task Force products
    1. Facilities Handbook has been completed.
    2. Finance Task Force met and is working on Basic Data Elements.
    3. Data Quality Task Force has a draft prepared for task force review.
    4. Performance Indicators Task Force hopes to have a public review draft released by early 2004 and a completed product printed by the Summer 2004 Forum meeting.
    5. Student Privacy Task Force hopes to have a draft document ready by the Winter 2004 Forum meeting.

  3. New Officers:
    1. Forum Chair – Bethann Canada, Virginia Department of Education
      Vice-Chair – Blair Loudat, North Clackamas Schools (OR)
      Past Chair – Raymond Yeagley, Rochester Schools (NH)
    2. NESAC Chair – Bill Smith, Sioux Falls School District (SD)
      Vice-Chair – Brad James, Vermont Department of Education
    3. PPI Chair – Gerald Hottinger, Pennsylvania Department of Education
      Vice-Chair – Nancy Resch, New Jersey Department of Education
    4. TDC Chair – Tom Purwin, Jersey City Public Schools (NJ)
      Vice-Chair – Madalyn Quinlan, Montana Office of Public Instruction

  4. 2004 Task Order Review Volunteers
    1. NESAC – Oren Christmas (MI SEA) and David Burnett (SC SEA)
    2. PPI – Theresa Kough (DE SEA) and Judy Newman (SC LEA)
    3. TD&C – Blair Loudat (OR LEA) and Tom Ogle (MO SEA)
 Meeting Notes


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