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State Task Order Summaries - Idaho

Contact Person: Mark Russell

FY 2008

Idaho FY 2008
Task Order: $50,000
IBEDS Assessment

Idaho currently utilizes the Idaho Basic Education Data System (IBEDS) as its primary data system at the state level. IBEDS was developed to provide the state and school districts with data that will serve to increase student achievement across Idaho. However, due to existing data silos, table duplication, and disparate program elements within IBEDS, Idaho has determined that a new data system needs to be developed in order to efficiently and effectively collect and deliver data into a proposed K-12 longitudinal data system. Education administrators must currently rely on manually edited spreadsheets to draw educational and financial conclusions. Therefore, Idaho proposes to conduct a detailed assessment of the IBEDS data architecture, applications, and interfaces to provide the critical information necessary to develop a plan to replace this system.

Under this task order, Idaho has identified seven goals:

  • Assess the complexity of the database tables and queries.
  • Assess and recommend a replacement database architecture.
  • Assess and recommend a replacement language for Visual FoxPro.
  • Assess and recommend a replacement presentation language for ASP.
  • Assess and estimate the hours, schedule, and cost for a replacement system.
  • Assess and recommend a federally compliant security architecture.
  • Assess and recommend a roadmap that promotes a seamless integration between IBEDS and school district Student Information Systems.

Idaho plans to accomplish these goals through requirements gathering, business and technical analyses, and user interviews.

At the conclusion of the assessment, Idaho will compile the recommendations into a report that will provide details of their current data system, the resources estimated to replace the system, and a plan to develop the new system. Idaho will make this report and all aspects of the analysis conducted available to other states via their participation in the NCES Forum and the Council of Chief State School Officers.

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