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Cybersecurity Working Group

Purpose: As the use of network-connected systems and devices expands, security continues to be a critical consideration in the collection, management, and use of education data. Education agencies need to protect information technology (IT) and data systems from cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other security threats. The Forum Cybersecurity Working Group will build and expand upon the Forum Technology (TECH) Committee's draft white paper on security to develop a new resource that will help agencies protect their systems and data. The new resource will provide best practice information to help agencies proactively prepare for, appropriately mitigate, and responsibly recover from a cybersecurity incident.

Current Tasks: The Cybersecurity Working Group is currently developing a new Forum resource.

Dan Dandurand, South Sioux City Community Schools (NE)
Kristen DeSalvatore, New York State Education Department
Stephen Gervais, San Bernardino City Unified School District (CA)
Phil Grace, Heber Springs School District (AR)
Georgia Hughes-Webb, West Virginia Department of Education
Rachel Johnson, Loudoun County Public Schools (VA)
Allen Miedema, Northshore School District (WA)
Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools (MA)
Andrew Swickheimer, Noblesville Schools (IN)

Chair: Jay Pennington, Iowa Department of Education

NCES Staff: Ghedam Bairu

Support: Elizabeth Lieutenant, QIP

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