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Outside Resources

The level of information provided in these sites varies significantly from very general information to very detailed data. In addition, while these websites may provide extensive financial data, the information provided is not based on a set of standard definitions or accounting procedures. Because of these two issues, users should be cautioned about analyzing and comparing data between websites.

  • All states—State Education Agency Websites
    Find links for each state education department.

  • ASBO International
    ASBO International is a professional association which provides programs and services to promote the highest standards of school business management practices, professional growth, and the effective use of educational resources.

  • Educational Considerations
    Educational Considerations is a blind review journal of educational leadership. The journal has a special interest in topics related to educational finance. It is partially funded by the UCEA Center for Education Finance. This website contains back issues of the journal dating back to 1990. This journal has published a large number of school finance-related articles.

  • The Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP)
    AEFP (formerly the American Education Finance Association) provides a forum for education finance researchers.  They produce or sponsor many papers and reports on current education finance issues.

  • The American Federation of Teachers
    This report is an important reference for AFT state federations and locals in developing salary comparisons and formulating policy. While serving as the primary vehicle for reporting the results of the American Federation of Teachers annual survey of state departments of education, several other data sources are utilized, as noted in the section on Data Sources. Comparisons with the various tables can be developed to suit the purposes of a particular local or state federation, whether it is to consider trends, establish the position of members relative to other professionals, or make comparisons among states.

  • The Finance Project
    The Finance Project is a national initiative to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of public- and private-sector financing for education, other children's services, and community building and development.

  • The National Education Association (NEA)
    Washington, D.C. - Rankings and Estimates, the National Education Association's (NEA) state-by-state comparison of key education indicators, will now be available semi-annually, beginning with the Fall 2002 Update.