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Instruments & Assessments

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As data are released, associated instrumentation will become available on this page.

During the ECLS program’s 2020 field test data collections, study instruments will be developed for the national ECLS-K:2023 preschool round. The 2020 field test data collection will include only household surveys.

During the ECLS program's 2021 field test data collections, the ECLS will run a small-scale, trial run of the upcoming national study. Children, with their parents’ or guardians’ consent, will answer engaging, age-appropriate math and reading-related questions during a one-on-one session with a trained ECLS team member. Parents/guardians of participating children will be asked to complete a survey about their family, their child’s experiences, and learning activities that the child participates in outside of school. Teachers will be asked to complete a brief survey about their professional background and teaching practices as well as surveys for each of their participating students about their skills and abilities. School administrators will be asked questions about their school and their own professional background.

The ECLS-K:2023 national study data collections will begin in spring 2022. The ECLS-K:2023 will collect data from:

children parents teachers school administrators.

Planned data collection activities for the ECLS-K:2023 national data collection: Preschool through spring of fifth grade

Instrument Preschool
(Spring 2022)
Fall kindergarten
(Fall 2022)
Spring kindergarten
(Spring 2023)
Spring first grade
(Spring 2024)
Spring third grade
(Spring 2026)
Spring fifth grade
(Spring 2028)
Child assessments1
Language screener
Child survey
Parent survey
Teacher surveys
Teacher level
Child level
Special education teacher surveys
Teacher level
Child level
School administrator surveys
1 Currently child assessments in two assessment domains will be included, reading and mathematics, although additional domains are under consideration.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 2022–23 (ECLS-K:2023).