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Pre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study (PEELS) Wave 1-5
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 Child Characteristics
 Hearing Problems
 Living Situation
 Motor Skills
 Neonatal Condition
 Child Performance
 Functional Skills
 Language and Literacy
 Motor Skills
 Classroom Characteristics
 Material Resources
 District Characteristics
 District metropolitan category 
 District poverty/wealth category 
 District size category 
 Family Characteristics
 Biological Parent Characteristics
 Household Composition
 Income/Public Assistance
 Language Background
 School and Program Characteristics
 Parent Involvement with Program
 Parent Satisfaction with Program
 Parent Satisfaction, Professionals
 Parent-Staff Communication
 Programmatic Focus
 Social Interaction Between Students
 Special Education Services
 IEP Focus
 Initiating Special Education Services
 Parent Satisfaction with Services
 Special Education/Related Services
 Teacher/Administrator Characteristics