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DAS: Data Analysis System
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NOTICE: The DAS Online Application will be retired on 12/31/2020. Visit DataLab to access datasets that have been migrated to DataLab and are no longer available in DAS.

The Data Analysis System (DAS) is a software application that allows you to produce tables and to estimate covariance analyses from NCES data sets. There is a separate DAS for each data set, but all have a consistent interface and command structure. Each DAS runs in two modes-Tables and Covariance Analysis. Using the DAS Online, you can create programming instruction files, run tables and regressions, and view output using a web browser.


In the Tables mode, the DAS will create a table of estimates, corresponding standard errors that are calculated by taking into account the complex sampling designs used in NCES surveys, and weighted sample sizes for the estimates.

Covariance Analyses

In the Covariance Analysis mode, the DAS will generate output for a weighted least square regression or logistic regression. It is helpful to have a basic knowledge of multiple regressions before you use this DAS feature.