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DAS: Data Analysis System
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Batch Processor

For Power Users Only

Using the Batch Processor, you can submit many files, for both tables and covariance analyses from multiple datasets in one compressed file (.zip), to the DAS for processing.

There are 4 steps in this process. The Batch Processor will guide you through steps 3 and 4:

  1. Compress your TPF/CPF files into a .zip file Files must be submitted in this format. For more information, see How to compress TPF/CPF files. To download an evaluation copy of of Winzip, go to the WinZip web site.

  2. Log in to your Power User account. See Power Users for more information.

  3. Upload your file
    The Batch Processor will assign a job code to your file. Be sure to note this number as you will need it to retrieve your processed file.

  4. Retrieve your file

Use the Batch Processor