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Dataset: National Educational Longitudinal Study, 1999 National Study of Postsecondary Faculty (NSOPF:99)

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Access to Postsecondary Education for the 1992 High School Graduates

Report tables
1 income column 1a
parents' education column

2 all pse enrollment

3 no aid 3a
grants 3b
loans 3c
work-study 3d
avg. amount of fin.aid

4 npsas aid

5 npsas net tuition

6 npsas net cost

7 npsas % living at home col npsas7a
npas parent support and work cols

8 1988 educ. expectation 8a
1992 educ. expectation

9 1992 grad-plan to attend PSE-Y/N 9a
plan to attend PSE right after HS-Y/N 9b
enrolled in PSE by 1992 9c
enrolled in PSE by 1994 9d
plan to attend PSE right after HS-enrolled by 94

10 planned and enrolled

11 all HS grads r CQ - number sources 11a
all HS grads to 4 yr. college CQ - number sources 11b
all HS grads not in 4 yr. college CQ - number sources

12 all HS grads/avg. scores 12a
all HS grads to 4 yr. /avg. scores 12b
all HS grads not in enrolled in 4 yr./avg. scores

13 all HS grads/CQ number sources 15a
all HS grads in 4 yr. school/CQ number sources

14 CQ index enrolled

15 qual. vs. not qual 14a
degrees of qual.

16 CQ index enrolled

17 not CQ - 1988 expectations 17a
CQ - 1988 expectations 17b
not CQ - 1992 expectations 17c
CQ - 1992 expectations

18 CQ plans

19 plans to go to college after HS/y-n 19a
plans to go to 2yr or 4yr after HS/y-n

20 CQ enrolled

21 1994 CQ grads no pse vs. enrolled by 1994 21a
1994 CQ grads enrolled by 1994-type of institution

22 all CQ grads 22a
all CQ grads plan to attend college right after HS

23 CQ took both steps

24 both steps - no vs. enrolled 24a
both steps - enrolled - institution type

25 CQ/both steps - applied to private 4 year 25a
CQ/both steps - accepted to private 4 year 25b
CQ/both steps - attended private 4 year 25c
CQ/both steps - applied public 4 year 25d
CQ/both steps - accepted to public 4 year 25e
CQ/both steps - attended public 4 year

26 CQ/both steps - accept at any 4 year/choice 26a
CQ/both steps - accept at any priv. 4 year/choice 26b
CQ/both steps - accept at any pub 4 year/choice

27 CQ/students concerns on fin. aid/parents answered 27a
CQ/parents views on aid and importance

28 CQ students/students number sources read 28a
CQ students/parents number sources read

CQ students/talk to HS counselor 29a
CQ students/talk to college rep 29b
CQ students/talk to another person

30 CQ background TOTAL/steps by concern 30
CQ background LOW VS. MIDDLE/steps by concern

31 CQ background TOTAL/stud acc to step by num. sources 31
CQ background LOW /stud acc to step by num. sources 31a
CQ/studen acc. to step MIDDLE/BY num. sources 31b
CQ/student acc. to steps by numb. sources/BLACK 31c
CQ/student acc. to steps by numb. sources/HISPANIC

32 CQ/Total/number people student talked to 32
CQ/LOW/number people student talked to 32a
CQ/MIDDLE/number people student talked to 32b
CQ/Black/number people student talked to 32c
CQ/Hispnic/number people student talked to 32d
CQ/Low /number people parents talked to 32e
CQ/Middle/number people parents talked to 32f
CQ/black/number people parents talked to 32g
CQ/hispanic/number people parents talked to

33 Marginal

34 multivariate unadjusted means

35 All expect college 88 35a
All expect college 92 35b
All plan to attend 4yr 35c
All took both steps 35d
All accept 4 yr. 35e
All attend 4 yr.

36 CQ expect college 88 36a
CQ expect college 92 36b
CQ plan to attend 4 yr. 36c
CQ took both steps 36d
CQ accepted to 4 yr. 36e
CQ attended 4 yr.

37 CQ and steps expect college 88 37a
CQ and steps expect college 92 37b
CQ and steps plan to attend 4 yr. 37c
CQ and steps took both steps 37d
CQ and steps accepted to 4 yr. 37e
CQ and steps attended 4 yr. 37f

*The NPSAS income quartile variable, which was used for this report, has been modified. The modified variable (PCTALL2) ranks dependent students (based on students' family income) and independent students (based on student income only) separately, whereas the original variable (PCTALL) ranked all undergraduates together. Since there are more independent students with disabilities, the numbers from PCTALL2 may be more directly comparable to students without disabilities. Though, as stated in the report, the sample sizes of student with disabilities (especially for disability type) are very small and what appear to be large differences may not be significant, so caution should be used in interpreting comparisons.