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Datasets: BB:97 Baccalureate and Beyond Second Follow-up
BPS:94 Beginning Postsecondary Students Second Follow-up

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Table Files: TPF/CPF

First-Generation Students: Undergraduates Whose Parents Never Enrolled in Postsecondary Education

Report tables
1 overall dist b94dist

2 demographics  
gender table2a
race table2b
age table2c
SES table2f
marital status table2d
dependency table2e
aspirations table2h
SAT score

3 institution

4 attendance status

5 localresidence

6 degree program

7 delayed enrollment

8 aid received

9 remedial  
overall dist attrem
public 4-year attrem4pu
public 2-year attrem2pu
private nfp 4-year

10 hour worked

11 professional reasons  
infuence political structure profpols
successful in own business profobus
successful in line of work profsucc
find steady work profwork
well off profwell
authority in field profauth
leader in community

12 personal reasons  
get away from area persaway
give children opportunity persgkid
have children perskids
have leisure time persleis
live close to parents and relatives

13 cost related reasons  
received aid costaid
shorter time to finish costshtr
other living costs less costlive
tuition etc. was less

14 location related reasons  
  school close to home locclose
  school far away from home locfar
  could live at home lochome
  could work and go to school

15 influence related reasons  
good reputation for placing graduates repplac
could get courses repcour
school has good reputation reprep
could get a better job

16 academic integration  
overall dist acad899n
public 4-year acadpu4
public 2-year acadpu2
private nfp 4-year acadpr4
private for-profit acadpfp
other lt 4-year

17 academic integration - average score

18 social integration  
overall dist socl899n
public 4-year soclpu4
public 2-year soclpu2
private nfp 4-year soclpr4
private for-profit soclpfp
other lt 4-year

19 social integration -average score

20 persistence and attainment  
p & a totals by inst pstinst
p & a separate - total pstatot
p & a separate - public 4-year pstapu4
p & a separate - public 2-year pstapu2
p & a separate - private nfp 4-year pstapr4
p & a separate - private for-profit pstapfp
p & a separate - other lt 4-year pstaoth
degrees - total pdegtot
degrees - public 4-year pdegpu4
degrees - public 2-year pdegpu2
degrees - private nfp 4-year pdegpr4
degrees - private for-profit pdegpfp
degrees - other lt 4-year

21 persistence and attainment, full-time enrolled  
p & a totals by inst fpstinst
p & a separate - total fpstatot
p & a separate - public 4-year fpstapu4
p & a separate - public 2-year fpstapu2
p & a separate - private nfp 4-year fpstapr4
p & a separate - private for-profit fpstapfp
p & a separate - other lt 4-year fpstaoth
degrees - total fpdegttot
degrees - public 4-year fpdegpu4
degrees - public 2-year fpdegpu2
degrees - private nfp 4-year fpdegpr4
degrees - private for-profit fpdegpfp
degrees - other lt 4-year

22 employment  
a associate's - employed suasempl
a associate's - work characteristics suaswork
a associate's - occupation suasocc
b certificate - employed suctempl
b certificate - work characteristics suctwork
b certificate - occupation suctocc
c bachelor's - employed subaempl
c bachelor's - work characteristics subawrka
c bachelor's - work characteristics subawrkb
c bachelor's - occupation subaocc
d total - employed sutempl
d total - work characteristics sutwork
d total - occupation sutocc
e total no degree - employed sutnempl
e total no degree - work characteristics sutnwork
e total no degree - occupation sutnocc
f total no degree - employed lt 23 sutyempl
f total no degree - work characteristics lt 23 sutywork
f total no degree - occupation lt 23 sutyocc
f total no degree - employed 23+ sutoempl
f total no degree - work characteristics 23+ sutowork
f total no degree - occupation 23+

23 BA salaries

24 graduate education  
  enrolled subaenrg
  degree program subaprog