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Datasets: BB:97 Baccalureate and Beyond Second Follow-up
BPS:94 Beginning Postsecondary Students Second Follow-up
NPSAS:93 Undergraduate Students

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Early Labor Force Experiences and Debt Burden

Report tables
1 Type of degree-granting institutions

2 Gender and race-ethnicity dbt2, dbt3

3 Highest degree attained by spring 1994

4 Last enrollment ended by December 1992

5 Students included in analysis and students not included in analysis dbt70, dbt71, dbt72, dbt74, dbt75, dbt76, dbt77, dbt79, dbt89,
dbt89a, dbt109,
dbt110, dbt111,
dbt112, dbt113,
dbt113a, dbt114,

6 Any federal loans in 1992-93 and in 1995-96 dbt67, dbt87

7 Enrollment and employment status in April 1994 dbt4, dbt4a, dbt4b

8 Employment status in April 1994 dbt5, dbt5a

9 Last enrollment ended by December 1992 according to employment status dbt39, dbt39a

10 April 1994 occupation

11 How April 1994 job was found

12 Last enrollment ended by December 1992 according to 1993 occupation

dbt43, dbt43a
13 Annualized salary dbt7, dbt7a, dbt7b,
dbt8, dbt8a, dbt8b

14 1993 earned income and average income dbt41, dbt41a,
dbt41, dbt42a

15 Months unemployed sinced graduating dbt33, dbt6, dbt69

16 Duration of unemployment, average total months unemployed, percent unemployed

dbt40, dbt40b
17 Months before obtaining first principal job dbt45, dbt45a

18 Percent who borrowed and average amounts borrowed dbt10, dbt70

19 Student loans and average amount of student loans

20 Amount still owed for education and average amount owed: 1992-93 bachelor's receiptants

21 Amount still owed for education and average amount owed:students whose last enrollmented ended by December 1992 dbt85, dbt85a,
dbt99, dbt99a

22 Type of work planned to do in the future

23 Relationship between April 1994 job and degree

24 Reasons for taking job not related to degree

25 Importance of job security and permanence

26 Graduate or professional school dbt107, dbt108

27 Reasons fro not applying to graduate or professional school

28 Multivariate table --cpf file not provided.

29 Monthly loan payment status

30 Student loan repayment status dbt86, dbt86a,
dbt53, dbt53a

31 Monthly education loan payments and average amount of payment: 1992-93 bachelor's degree recipients dbt21b, dbt22b

32 Monthly education loan payments and average amount of payment: students whose last enrollment ended by December 1992 dbt51, dbt51a,
dbt52, dbt52a

33 Monthly loan payments as a percent of April 1994 salary, and average salary dbt55b, dbt56b,
dbt57, dbt58

34 Monthly payment as a percentage of estimate monthly earnings and average burden dbt60, dbt60a,
dbt61, dbt61a

35 Monthly payments for selectd noneducational expenses and average amount paid

dbt18, dbt69
36 Martial status and percentage who married between 1993-94

dbt29, dbt30
37 Student residence in April 1997 dbt32, dbt32a

38 Saving money and percentage saving for various reasons