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Borrowing at the Maximum: Undergraduate Stafford Loan Borrowers in 2007–08

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Figure 1 BORROWING AT THE PROGRAM MAXIMUM: Of undergraduates with subsidized Stafford loans, percentage who borrowed the maximum amount: 1989–90 to 2007–08

Figure 2 BORROWING AT THE MAXIMUM: Of undergraduates with Stafford loans, percentage who borrowed the program and individual maximum amounts, by type of Stafford loan in 2007–08

Figure 3 STAFFORD LOAN STATUS: Percentage distribution of undergraduates' Stafford loan status, by dependency status in 2007–08

Figure 4 ADDITIONAL BORROWING AMONG DEPENDENT STUDENTS: Of dependent undergraduates who took out their individual maximum total Stafford loan, percentages who also took out private loans or whose parents took out a Parent PLUS loan: 2007–08

Figure 5 PRIVATE LOAN BORROWING AMONG INDEPENDENT STUDENTS: Of independent undergraduates who took out their individual maximum total Stafford loan, percentage who also took out a private loan, by type of institution: 2007–08

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Table 1 TRENDS IN CUMULATIVE STAFFORD LOAN BORROWING Percentage of all undergraduates who had ever received federal subsidized or unsubsidized Stafford loans or Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS), and the average cumulative amount borrowed in constant 2007 dollars, by institution type and undergraduate class level: Selected years 1989–90 to 2007–08

Table 3 ALL UNDERGRADUATES, NON-STAFFORD LOAN BORROWERS, AND STAFFORD LOAN BORROWERS Percentage distribution of undergraduates by demographic, enrollment, and financial aid characteristics: 2007–08

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