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PEDAR: Executive Summary  How Families of Low- and Middle Income Undergraduates Pay For College: Full-Time Dependent Students in 1999-2000
Paying for College
Financial Need
Financial Aid
Types and Amounts of Aid
Relative Importance of Grants and Loans
Sources of Aid
Remaining (Unmet) Need
After Financial Aid
Help From Parents
Paying for College: A Summary
Research Methodology
Full Report (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)
 Financial Aid: Types and Amounts of Aid

To illustrate the relative importance of the different types of aid for low- and middle-income students across institution types, figure A shows the average amounts of each type of aid computed using all students as the base (i.e., including unaided students). It shows several patterns: more aid for low-income students, more aid as price goes up, more grant aid for low-income students than middle-income students at most types of institutions, and more loans than grants for middle-income students at public institutions.

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