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PEDAR: Executive Summary " " Characteristics of Undergraduate Borrowers: 1999-2000
Profile of Borrower Groups
Persistance/Attainment Risk
Types and Source of Financial Aid
Who Receives Financial Aid
" "
Research Methodology
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Executive Summary (PDF)
" " Who Receives Financial Aid

All borrowers as a group were examined to determine whether borrowers with certain demographic and enrollment characteristics were more likely to have received specific types of loans and other aid or differing average amounts in 1999–2000. The main differences are related to federal Stafford loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) and private loans. Three multivariate analyses were conducted to examine the independent association of certain characteristics with having received each of these types of loans by adjusting for covariation among the characteristics examined. Key findings include:

Stafford Loans

  • Borrowers who were financially independent (versus dependent), who attended private for-profit institutions (versus private not-for-profit 4-year
    institutions), and who attended exclusively full time (versus less than half time) were more likely to have received both federal Stafford subsidized loans and Stafford unsubsidized loans.

Private Loans

  • Borrowers who attended less than half time (versus exclusively full time), who attended a private not-for-profit 4-year institution (versus a public 4-year institution or a private for-profit institution), and who were high or middle income (versus low income) received private loans at a higher rate.

Research Methodology