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PEDAR: Executive Summary A Profile in Distance Education: 1999-2000
Student Participation in Distance Education
Participation of Undergraduates
Participation of Graduate and First-Professional Students
Distance Education Delivery
Satisfaction With Distance Education
Research Methodology
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Executive Summary (PDF)
Satisfaction with Distance Education

Undergraduate and graduate/first-professional students who participated in distance education were asked, "Compared to other courses you've taken, are you more satisfied, equally satisfied, or less satisfied with the quality of instruction you've received in your distance education courses?" About one-half of both undergraduates (47 percent) and graduates (51 percent) reported being equally satisfied with their distance education courses and their regular classroom courses (see figure). However, a higher proportion of undergraduates reported being less satisfied with distance education courses (30 percent) than reported being more satisfied (23 percent). Among graduate and first professional students, 27 percent reported being less satisfied and 22 percent reported being more satisfied.