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BPS: Executive Summary Descriptive Summary of 1995-96 Beginning Postsecondary Students: Six Years Later
Types of Institutions Attended
Degree Completion Among Students Beginning at Public 2-Year Institutions
Types of Bachelor's Degree Completion Rates for Students Beginning at 4-Year Institutions
Rates of Completion at the First Institution Attended Versus at any 4-Year Institution
Rates Based on Different Subcategories of Students
Focus on Students With a Bachelor's Degree Goal at 4-Year Institutions
Degree Completion and Transfer From the First Institution Attended
Number of Years to Complete a Degree at Different Types of Institutions
Differences in Completion Rate by Enrollment Patterns and Student Characteristics
Profile of 1995-96 Beginners Who Completed a Bachelor's Degree by June 2001
Summary and Conclusion
Research Methodology
Full Report (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)

This report describes the enrollment, persistence, and degree attainment of students who began postsecondary education for the first time in the 1995–96 academic year. It covers the experiences of these first-time beginners over a period of 6 academic years, from 1995–96 to 2000–01, and provides information about the rates at which students attained degrees, transferred to other institutions, and left postsecondary education without attaining degrees.

The report is based on the 1996/01 Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study (BPS:96/01), a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) survey that provides data describing a nationally representative sample of first-time students who entered postsecondary education during the 1995–96 academic year. The students were initially interviewed in 1996, at the end of their first year in postsecondary education; interviewed again in 1998, 3 years after they had started; and interviewed for the last time in 2001, 6 years after they had started.

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