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PEDAR: Executive Summary Teaching Undergraduates in U.S. Postsecondary Institutions: Fall 1998
Who Teaches Undergraduates?
Who Teaches Undergraduates? Overall Pattern
Who Teaches Undergraduates? Variation Across Type of Institutions
Who Teaches Undergraduates? Use of Part-Time Faculty and Teaching Assistants
Who Teaches Undergraduates? Involvement of Senior Faculty Teaching Undergraduates
Who Teaches Undergraduates? Characteristics of Faculty Who Taught Undergraduate Classes
Who Teaches Undergraduates? Independent Relationship of Specific Variables to Teaching Undergraduate Classes
How Much Do Faculty Teach?
How Much Do Faculty Teach? Time Allocated to Undergraduate Teaching Activities
How Much Do Faculty Teach? Undergraduate Teaching Loads
How Much Do Faculty Teach? Teaching Loads Varied Among Those Who Did Some Undergraduate Teaching
What Kinds of Teaching Practices Do Faculty Use in Their Undergraduate Classes?
Research Methodology
Full Report (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)
Who Teaches Undergraduates?

In fall 1998, U.S. colleges and universities employed about 1.1 million faculty and instructional staff. Of these, about 976,000 (91 percent) were identified as instructional faculty and staff who had some for-credit instructional responsibilities, including teaching classes for credit or advising or supervising students about academic activities for credit. These individuals were the core sample for this report. Throughout this report, faculty and staff who had some for-credit instructional responsibilities are called "instructional faculty and staff" or simply "faculty".

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