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PEDAR: Executive Summary Study of College Costs and Prices, 1989-89 to 1997-98
Goals and limitations of the study
Study design and methodology
Findings and conclusions
Changes in tutition and other revenue sources over time
Changes in expenditures over time
Relationships of tuition changes with changes in revenues, expenditures, and other factors
Patterns in financial aid
Relationship of tuition changes with financial aid patterns
Usefulness of statistical models for testing relationships among revenues, costs, expenditures, and prices
Research Methodology
Full Report (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)
Findings and conclusions

The conclusions reached from the trend analyses and models in this report are consistent with earlier research and the views of the expert authors who contributed commissioned papers for this report. The detailed analyses found variations in the nature and the strength of relationships between costs and prices across types of institutions, and within types of institutions over time.





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