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PEDAR: Executive Summary Attrition of Neww Teachers Among Recent College Grads
Data and Methodology
resultsing and resultser Attrition
Teaching and Teacher Attrition
Relationshsip between April Occupations and Postsecondary Fields of Study
Professional Status of April Occupations
Multivariate Analysis
Research Methodology
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Executive Summary (PDF)
Chaning Occupations: Multivariate Analysis

Among graduates who were employed in April 1994 and April 1997, K–12 teachers (i.e., graduates who taught in 1994) were as likely as graduates who worked in other white collar, professional occupations to work in the same occupation category in April 1997. Specifically, approximately four-fifths of graduates who taught in April 1994 were also teaching in April 1997, and similar proportions of graduates who worked in health occupations; as engineers, scientists, lab/research assistants; in legal occupations; in law enforcement or the military; or as business support/financial services workers worked in their respective occupation categories in both April 1994 and April 1997. Graduates who worked in other occupation categories in April 1994 were less likely than K–12 teachers to work in the same occupation category at both points in time.

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