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PEDAR: Executive Summary Attrition of Neww Teachers Among Recent College Grads
Data and Methodology
Teaching and Teacher Attrition
Relationshsip between April Occupations and Postsecondary Fields of Study
Professional Status of April Occupations
Research Methodology
Full Report (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)
Chaning Occupations: Multivariate Analysis

A multiple regression analysis was conducted to determine whether, after controlling for graduates’ perceptions of their jobs’ professional status and relationship to their undergraduate majors, occupation in 1994 remained associated with their likelihood of working in the same occupation in April 1997. The analysis indicated that after controlling for age, gender, college entrance examination scores, cumulative undergraduate GPAs, perceived professional status of occupation, and perceived relationship between April 1994 occupation and undergraduate major, teaching remained among the most stable occupations. In fact, graduates in no occupation category were more stable than teachers.

Graduates’ perceptions of their April 1994 job’s professional status and of the relationship between their undergraduate field of study and their April 1994 job were, independently, related to whether they worked in the same occupation category at both points in time. Graduates who perceived their April 1994 job as unrelated or somewhat related to their undergraduate major field of study were less likely than those who perceived a close relationship to work in the same occupation in 1997 as in 1994. Graduates who reported that a degree was required to obtain their April 1994 occupation were more likely to work in the same occupation category at both points in time than were graduates who did not, although graduates’ perceptions of the career potential of their jobs appeared not to make a difference.

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