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Local Education Agency (School District) Data Page

Information on Local Education Agency (School District) Universe Survey Data

The database provides the following information on education agencies:

General Information:

  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers
  • Types of agencies: regular local school district, local school district component of supervisory union, supervisory union administrative center, Regional education service agency, state-operated institution, federally operated institution, or other
  • County codes, locale codes

Student Information:

  • Membership counts: ungraded and total PK-12
  • Students with IEPs, summer migrant students, and English Language Learners
  • Counts of high school completers (diploma recipients and other high school completers, not including GED recipients)

Staffing Information:

  • Instructional Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Library Staff
  • Support Staff

Agency Database Notes

There are some legitimate records that have no student counts. Some regular school districts contract with other agencies to provide services for some students rather than operate schools for those students directly. In order to avoid duplication those student counts are not reported for the receiving district. Conversely, in cases where all services are provided by a contracting district, no student counts are reported for the sending district. In addition, student counts are not generally attributed to supervisory union administrative centers or regional education service agencies. The number of teachers reported for an agency may differ from the sum of teachers reported for schools associated with the agency. This is because some teachers may not be assigned to a particular school.

Local Education Agency (School District) Data Page