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Teacher Compensation Reports

Teacher Compensation ReportsThese brief publications contain summary data from the research and development effort to collect individual salary and demographic data on public school teachers. Median salaries and counts for different groupings by experience, age, race, and gender are presented.

This publication is available online:

School Year NCES Number Title Formats Available
2006–2007 NCES 2010-329 An Evaluation of the Data From the Teacher Compensation Survey: School Year 2006Ė07 HTML and PDF
2006–2007 NCES 2008-601 An Exploratory Analysis of the Content and Availability of State Administrative Data on Teacher Compensation HTML and PDF
2005–2006 NCES 2008-440 An Exploratory Evaluation of the Data from the Pilot Teacher Compensation Survey: School Year 2005–06 HTML and PDF

Annual Publications