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Common Core of Data (CCD)

 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Data Page

Information on Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data

The database provides the following information on public schools:

General Information:

  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers
  • Type of schools: regular, special education, vocational education, and alternative schools
  • Operational status code: currently operational, closed, new, operational last time but not reported on that file
  • School flags; charter, magnet, Title I, and Title I School-wide
  • Locale codes, longitude, latitude, and level of school

Student Information:

  • Membership counts, by PK-12 grade and ungraded
  • Counts of Free and reduced-price lunch eligible and migrant students
  • Counts by race/ethnicity: America Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Black, Not Hispanic, and White, Not Hispanic

Staffing Information:

  • Classroom teachers

School Database Notes

There are some legitimate records that have no student counts. Some regular schools contract with other schools or agencies to provide services for some students rather than operate schools for those students directly. In order to avoid duplication those student counts are not reported for the receiving school. Conversely, in cases where all services are provided by a contracting school, no student counts are reported for the sending school. The sum of the number of teachers reported for schools associated with the agency may differ from the number of teachers reported from the agency. This is because some teachers may not be assigned to a particular school.

 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Data Page