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Dropout and Completion Data Files: 1991-92 through 1996-97

The Dropout Data and Completion Files: School Years 1991-92 through 1996-97 are files that contain state and district dropout and completion data and rates for school years 1991-92 through 1996-97. Previous to the creation of this file, agency dropout and completion data were available on the Local Education Agency Universe Survey only. This new file separates the dropout and completion data into its own file and adds in three new variables to the file, dropout rates, high school four-year completion rates, and enrollment base. Thus, these new files are constructed from data collected through the Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe, Local Education Agency Universe, and the State Nonfiscal Public Elementary/Secondary Education Survey Data Surveys.

Data Files

If you have any questions on this data set please contact Robert Stillwell.

CCD Data Files