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Local Education Agency Geographical Reference Files

The geographical reference files are provided for users who may want expanded information about the geographic characteristics of LEAs. For example, while the 2007-08 school year LEA universe file includes the county in which an LEAís central office is located, the geographical reference file includes all of the counties that are within, or intersect with, the LEAís physical boundary. Records on the geographical reference files can be linked with records on the LEA universe file by using the LEA ID.

The 2007-08 geographical reference files include five separate files: County File, Congressional District File, Combined Statistical Area File, Core Based Statistical Area, and New England City and Town Area File. Each file has a total of 18,090 LEAs. However, each file can contain multiple records for a single LEA. For example, if an LEA includes three congressional districts, the LEA will have three records in the Congressional District file.

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