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Common Core of Data (CCD)

Coordinators' Resources

  • CCD Nonfiscal Reporting Tools for Coordinators
    The Census Bureau offers software to assist data providers in reporting for Nonfiscal CCD surveys including edit software for the school and agency nonfiscal surveys and an online State Nonfiscal form.

  • CCD Fiscal Reporting Tools for Coordinators
    Using this website, NPEFS respondents can submit/edit survey data, complete the fiscal data plan, and upload or download any files necessary for data submission. This website also houses the Crosswalk System, where NPEFS respondents can "crosswalk" their state account code data to the NPEFS format required for submission to NCES.

  • Publications for Coordinators
    Listed here are NCES publications that are directly relevant to CCD Coordinators. Publications include CCD evaluations and Elementary/Secondary Handbooks.

  • Please send me information on new CCD publications or other news
    Join the CCD NewsFlash service. Users can add their names and e-mails and receive periodical e-mails announcing new CCD publications and data file and product releases, as well as meetings and conferences.