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CCD Address Files

School District (Agency) and Public School Name and Address Files: 2009–10

Type File Layout Microsoft Access (Database) File Text File
Public School
School File ZIP File (4.4 MB)
Access File (23 MB)
ZIP File (3 MB)
3 CSV Files
CSV File (11 MB total)
School District (Agency) District File ZIP File (930 KB)
Access File (4.4 MB)
ZIP File (640 KB)
CSV File (2 MB)

NCES has released the 2010-11 CCD school and agency files.

The school file can be found here:

The agency file can be found here:

The text data files are formatted as comma-separated value (CSV) files, with double quotes (") used as a text qualifier. Text files in this format can be easily imported into most applications. Please consult the "About the Files" page for data element definitions. To retain the leading zeros on id fields and zip codes, be sure to define these fields as text.

For information about unzipping files click here.