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Local Education Agency (School District) and School Universe Survey Longitudinal Data Files: 1986-1997 (12-year) and 1986-1998 (13-year)

These files link local school and school districts over time and provide imputed values for data that were not originally reported by states. The 1998 version adds free/reduced price eligibility data to the school file and high school diploma recipients and other high school completers, by race and gender, to the school district file. While the statistical techniques used to track agencies and schools over time and extensively impute missing data produce overall reliability, these longitudinal files are not intended to give official state or national totals for any variable included in the CCD. The regular (not longitudinal) public education agency and school universe files should be used when seeking information about individual education agencies, schools, or a state's officially reported data.

Longitudinal Data Files

13-year Files:

12-year Files:

If you have any questions on this data set please contact Patrick Keaton.

More information about these files
The longitudinal public education agency and school files are available in ASCII (with file layouts and corresponding documentation) and SAS formats. The agency and school files are each available here as separate 12- and 13-year files (without name and address). Separate files for each year are also included for ease of downloading. The individual year files include the additional name and address information. Because each school local education agency carries a unique identifier, these single-year files can be linked (merged) by ID across years.

The longitudinal local education agency file includes only regular school districts and school districts that are members of supervisory unions. Some variables included in this file are from a source other than the CCD, and some variables collected through the CCD are not included in this longitudinal file.

CCD Data Files