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TRANSCRIPT: The Nation's Report Card: Science 2009 Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA)

Dr. Peggy G. Carr

Hello, this is Dr. Peggy Carr, Associate Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Welcome to Ask NAEP, an online Q&A session about the findings for the NAEP 2009 Science Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA). I hope you've had time to look at the results on the Nation's Report Card website, and that I can answer any questions you may have about them. I have a team of NAEP specialists here with me to make sure your questions are addressed thoroughly, so there may be a slight delay between the time you submit your question and the time the answer appears.

We are usually able to post answers for all questions, even after the Ask NAEP session ends. If you cannot stay online for the full time, a complete Ask NAEP transcript will be available online after our discussion. I'm interested to hear which results you want to talk about.

Morgan from asked:
I thought that in previous TUDAs, DC was included. Is there a reason DC was not compared to other cities in this TUDA?

Dr. Peggy G. Carr's response:
Hi Morgan, The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) participates in the TUDA reading and mathematics assessments, and the samples for those assessments take up most of their student population. For this reason, even though a few students in the District of Columbia participated in the science assessment and contributed to the national results, we are not able to report science scores for DCPS.

Dr. Peggy G. Carr:
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