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NCES 9716 International Education Expenditure Comparability Study: Final Report, Volume I
This report is the first of two volumes. This, the main volume, examines the nature, prevalence, severity, and causes of problems in comparing education expenditures across countries and assesses progress to date in correcting these problems and options and prospects for further improvement.
NCES 9717 International Education Expenditure Comparability Study: Final Report, Volume II, Quantitative Analysis of Expenditure Comparability
This companion volume offers a quantitative analysis of the combined effects of multiple comparability problems on international comparisons of selected expenditure statistics and indicators.
NCES 97885 Essential Skills in Mathematics: A Comparative Analysis of American and Japanese Assessments of Eighth-Graders
This report uses data from examinations given in Japan and the United States to assess the essential components of the taught curriculum in each country. Students in each country were assessed using examinations designed specifically for students in that country. This report compares the nature of these examinations, the expectations based on the curriculum, and student perfomances on the included items. This comparison, combined with an accompanying analysis of the curricular intents for American eighth-graders and their Japanese counterparts in grade two of lower secondary school, provides a rich picture of the differences in student performance and curricular emphases and expectations that mark this study.
NCES 96003 Education Indicators: An International Perspective
A compilation of a wide range of indicators from a variety of sources contrasting education in the United States with other G-7 countries.
NCES 96836 The International Activities Program (Brochure)
The purpose of the International Activities Program is to develop a comprehensive international statistical system which would compliment its national program.
NCES 94419 Third International Mathematics and Science Study Descriptive Brochure
This brochure will describe the Third International Mathematics and Science Study's Goals, Activities, Supporting Agencies, and Expected types of Data to be produced. It will be used to disseminate and encourage interest in and knowledge about the study.
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