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State Support Team

State Support Team The State Support Team (SST) is a group of data systems experts whose primary objective is the direct support of states around developing, managing, using, and sustaining statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDSs). Common areas of SST assistance include, but are not limited to, data governance, stakeholder engagement, project management, sustainability, and data use. The SST also provides support related to early childhood initiatives, K12 systems, postsecondary systems, workforce data, and other areas critical to SLDS efforts. All states and territories, regardless of whether they have received an SLDS grant, can request support for SLDS projects from the SST by sending a support request or by contacting their SST Point of Contact (PoC). See the SST Points of Contact document below to find your PoC.

Techincal Assistance for All SLDS Technical Assistance for All States & Territories (382 KB)

A summary of the SST and the technical assistance services available to all states and territories

SST Points of Contact SST Points of Contact (657 KB)

Find your state's or territory's SST point of contact and reach out for assistance

State Support Team Overview Presentation SST Overview Presentation (1.37 MB)

A two-slide introduction to the SLDS State Support Team and its services

A Portal to SLDS Support & Community SLDS Communities360: A Portal to SLDS Support & Community (676 KB)

An introduction to the technical assistance services and resources available through the SLDS Communities360 website