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Grantee State - Utah


2015 Grant Application

Enhancing Utah Data Alliance College and Career and Evaluation and Research Capabilities through Web Technology

Start Date: 10/1/2015
End Date: 9/30/2019

Project Director: Albert Tay

Amount Awarded: $6,497,783

Project Abstract 126 KB

Major Outcomes:

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2009-ARRA Grant Application

Utah Data Alliance

Start Date: 7/1/2010
End Date: 6/30/2014

Project Director: Judy Park

Amount Awarded: $9,617,736

Project Application 30.7 MB

Project Abstract 130 KB

Major Outcomes:

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2007 Grant Application

Utah Student Records Exchange

Start Date: 8/1/2007
End Date: 10/31/2011

Project Director: John Brandt

Amount Awarded: $4,561,763

Project Application 5.8 MB

Project Abstract 33 KB

Major Outcomes:

Utah public education seeks to provide a uniform and integrated Utah Student Record/transcript Exchange (USRE) system definition and transport service to all public schools including postsecondary schools.

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