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District Demographic
Dashboard 2018–22
Perry Local School District (Allen County), Ohio, OH
Total Population
Median Household Income |
Total Households



was Built
21.2% 2000 and after
35.3% 1970 - 1999
43.6% before 1970
Households with Broadband Internet |

Housing Structure Type
Children in Public School

Language spoken at home (children 5 years and over)


6.9% with a
Disability |

100.0% with
Health Insurance coverage |


Poverty and Benefits (in the past 12 months)
no money

17.5% Families with income below the poverty level |

23.5% Families with Food Stamp/ SNAP benefits |

Families by Type

Parents (of children in public school)
Median Income of Households |
Housing Status of Families
5.7% renter - occupied | 94.3% owner-occupied |


Labor Force Status

Data not available for this district.

Educational Attainment

Data not available for this district.


State and National

Median Household Income |

Families with Food Stamp/SNAP benefits |

Households with Broadband Internet |

Speaks English Less Than Very Well |

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Data not available for this district.

Not In Labor Force

Data not available for this district.

Married Couple Household |

Families with Income Below the Poverty Level |

All indicators are sourced from the ACS-ED tabulation. For additional social and economic characteristics, visit the ACS-ED table collection or explore the ACS-ED interactive mapACS-ED maps.

Children enrolled in public school are defined as the population ages 3-17 and those ages 18 & 19 who have not graduated from high school and report attending public school in the past 3 months. Subject definitions are available in the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey program documentation.