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Title: Voices Literature and Character Education (Voices LACE)
Description: Voices Literature and Character Education Program (Voices LACE; formerly known as Voices of Love and Freedom and Literacy and Values) is a K–12 program that aims to promote positive character and citizenship values, literacy skills, and social skills. The program contains a curriculum that can be used over any length of time. During classroom lessons, students read books about such everyday issues as ethnic discrimination, fighting, and bullying, and elaborate on central themes through role-playing and discussions practiced in school and at home. Emphasis is given to promoting caring relationships between teachers and students and among students and to connecting the values taught through students’ personal stories. Voices LACE may also be implemented as a schoolwide improvement program. Optional components of the program include schoolwide events and restructuring of school organization and practices (establishing student assemblies and creating small learning communities), parental involvement (home visits and family nights), and community support (joint campaigns with supporting organizations and business).
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Cover Date: September 2006
Web Release: September 14, 2006
Publication #: WWC IRCEVL06
Center/Program: WWC
Type of Product: Intervention Report
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