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Title: Post-High School Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities up to 4 Years After High School
Description: The report uses data from the third wave of data collection from the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2 (NLTS2) to provide information on youth with disabilities who had been out of secondary school up to 4 years in several key domains, including: (1) postsecondary education enrollment and educational experiences; (2) employment status and characteristics of youth's current or most recent job; (3) productive engagement in school, work, or preparation for work; (4) household circumstance (e.g., residential independence; parenting; and aspects of their financial independence); and (5) social and community involvement. The NLTS2, initiated in 2001 and funded by NCSER, has a nationally representative sample of more than 11,000 students with disabilities.
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Cover Date: April 2009
Web Release: April 18, 2009
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Publication #: NCSER 20093017
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Center/Program: NCSER
Type of Product: Research Report
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