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Title: Sophomore Cohort Postsecondary Education Transcript Study. High School and Beyond. Technical Report.
Description: Procedures are described that were used to collect and process postsecondary school transcripts for a subsample of members of the younger (i.e. 1980 sophomore) cohort of the High School and Beyond study who attended postsecondary institutions at any time after leaving high school. Five chapters are as follows: (1) introduction (the National Center for Education Statistics Longitudinal Studies Program, relationships between High School and Beyond and the National Longitudinal Study of the High School class of 1972, history of High School and Beyond, related studies, other files, and scope of the Postsecondary Education Transcripts Study); (2) data collection (objectives, mailings, results); (3) data preparation (objectives, data organization, computer-assisted data entry (CADE), and data quality management); (4) data processing (machine editing, organization and content of the data file, merging records, and a cautionary note on the use of credits and grades data in the postsecondary transcripts database); and (5) sample design and implementation (base year sample design, 1980 sophomore cohorts sample design, the Senior and the Sophomore Cohort Postsecondary Education Transcript Study sample, sample weights, and standard errors and design effects). Exhibits include research design for National Education Longitudinal Studies and sample CADE screens. Appended are (1) a list of endorsing institutions with the content of school transcript request packages, and (2) a list of course subject codes in numerical order. Tables are included.(SM)
Online Availability:
Cover Date: April 1988
Web Release: April 12, 1988
Print Release:
Publication #: NCES 1988675
General Ordering Information
Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: Technical/Methodological Report
Survey/Program Areas: High School and Beyond (HS&B)
High School Transcript Studies (HST)
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