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REL 2012122 Teaching English Language Learner Students: Professional Standards in Elementary Education in Central Region States
This report on professional teaching standards in the Central Region examines what K-8 general education teachers are expected to know and be able to do in order to teach English language learner students. It reviews the standards for coverage of six topics that the research literature suggests are important for improving student achievement.
REL 2012124 Differences in Spending in School Districts Across Geographic Locales in Minnesota
This study examines differences in spending in school districts across geographic locales in Minnesota and factors that might contribute to these differences. The study finds that district spending per student in 2008/09 varied across locale types in Minnesota. These differences are largely accounted for by differences in regional characteristics and level of student need.
REL 2012109 A Descriptive Study of Enrollment in Supplemental Educational Services in the Four REL Appalachia Region States
This study of the Title I supplemental educational services program in the Regional Educational Laboratory Appalachia region looks at enrollment rates, number of tutoring hours contracted for and attended by students, and variations in the type of instruction across providers and enrollees in 2007/08.
REL 2012136 Plans to Adopt and Implement Common Core State Standards in the Southeast Region States
Based on interviews with state officials in the six Southeast Region states, this study describes state processes for adopting the Common Core State Standards (a common set of expectations across states for what students are expected to know in English language arts and math) and plans for implementing the common standards and aligning state assessment systems to them.
REL 2012125 English Language Proficiency Levels of Limited-English-Proficient Students in Idaho
This study describes the proficiency levels of limited English proficient (LEP) students and LEP student subgroups on the Idaho English Language Assessment.
REL 2012120 Comparing the Achievement Patterns of Native Hawaiian and Non-Native Hawaiian Grade 8 Students in Reading and Math
Native Hawaiian students represent the largest single ethnic group in Hawai'i, at 27 percent of the student population in 2008/09. This REL Pacific report, Comparing the achievement patterns of Native Hawaiian and non-Native Hawaiian grade 8 students in reading and math, reports the reading and math proficiency rates of grade 8 Native Hawaiian and non-Native Hawaiian public school students and whether proficiency rates have changed from 2003/04 to 2008/09.
REL 2012112 A Descriptive Analysis of State-Supported Formative Assessment Initiatives in New York and Vermont
This study examines two state-supported formative assessment initiatives that promote a consensus definition of formative assessment endorsed by the Council of Chief State School Officers. It describes the primary components of the two initiatives and the strategies that state, district, and school leaders report using to support implementation of each initiative.
REL 2012117 Nutrition and Physical Education Policy and Practice in the Pacific Region
The report describes the percentage of secondary schools that have adopted policies and practices for student wellness, physical education, food service, and nutrition education across the seven jurisdictions in the Pacific Region. Policies include providing professional development for lead health education teachers, developing strategies to promote healthy eating, forming a health council, and providing or prohibiting certain foods. Practices include requiring nutrition and physical education courses, and assessing physical activity or nutrition, and encouraging family and community involvement in health topics.
REL 2012119 Who Enrolls in Dual Enrollment and Other Acceleration Programs in Florida High Schools?
This study of advanced-level high school courses that offer credit toward both a high school diploma and a college degree in Florida compares one such program (dual enrollment) with others, describing the number and characteristics of grade 11 and 12 students enrolled overall and by district. It also examines dual enrollment partnerships between high schools and colleges in nine sample school districts.
REL 2012118 What Four States are Doing to Support Local Data-Driven Decision-Making: Policies, Practices, and Programs
This report documents how four state education agencies are supporting local data-driven decisionmaking through their policies, practices, and programs for creating data systems, improving data access and use, and building district and school capacity to use data.
REL 2011107 Participation During the First Four Years of Tennessee's Voluntary Prekindergarten Program
This study examines the first four years of Tennessee's Voluntary Prekindergarten program, directed to four-year-olds eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. It reviews participation levels and trends for the program as a whole, for collaborative partner classrooms, and for student and district subgroups and discusses the geographic distribution of program sites.
REL 2011113 Superintendent Turnover in Kentucky
This REL Appalachia report, Superintendent Turnover in Kentucky, is the state's first detailed description of superintendent turnover. It intends to help policymakers and other leaders better understand turnover so that they can develop new programs to prepare, recruit, and retain superintendents. The report describes superintendent turnover statewide, by rural status, and by Appalachian and non-Appalachian region over 1998/99-2007-08 and also looks at how turnover varies by 2007/08 school district characteristics.
REL 2011111 Aligning Career and Technical Education with High-Wage and High-Demand Occupations in Tennessee
This REL Appalachia report examines the availability of career and technical education program areas in Tennessee high schools, concentrations completed by high school graduates in these program areas, and how these concentrations align with jobs in the labor market. It looks at how these outcomes differ statewide and by region within Tennessee and identifies corresponding high-wage and high-demand occupations projected over 2006-16.
REL 2011116 State Policies and Procedures on Response to Intervention in the Midwest Region
Based on a review of state documents and interviews with state and local officials in six Midwest Region states, this qualitative study describes state education agency policy development and planning for response to intervention approaches to instruction. It also looks at the support provided to districts and schools implementing response to intervention.
REL 2011115 Parent Involvement and Extended Learning Activities in School Improvement Plans in the Midwest Region
Analysis of school improvement plans in five Midwest Region states reveals that more than 90 percent of plans included at least one "potentially effective" parent involvement activity and 70 percent included at least one extended learning activity (a before-school, afterschool, or summer program). Few extended learning programs were described as providing academic support.
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