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Year(s) Scale(s) Task Demand(s) Printed Material(s) Percent of adults who answered correctly Text

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  Item #  Item Description  P-Value  Year Ascending  Scale  Demand  Material
N130104 Enter the name that was on the previous card on a social security card application. 71% 2003 Document Text Search Form
N130501 Using a diagram, figure out how many linear feet of baseboard molding you would have to buy to put along the bottom of the walls. 32% 2003 Quantitative Computation, Text Search Map
N130601 Figure how the number of panels, using advertisement. 52% 2003 Quantitative Computation, Text Search Other Documents
N130701 Using a diagram and an advertisement, write a brief description of how you would figure out the number of full cartons of tiles you would need to buy. 16% 2003 Quantitative Computation, Text Search Other Documents, Persuasion
N130801 Using an article, find the projected cost of raising a child born in 1979 to the age of 18. 69% 2003 Prose Text Search Exposition
N130901 Using an article, calculate how much money would go toward raising a child for a given year. 46% 2003 Quantitative Computation, Text Search Exposition
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