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IPEDS Access Databases

About IPEDS: The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is a system of interrelated surveys conducted annually by the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). IPEDS annually gathers information from about 6,400 colleges, universities, and technical and vocational institutions that participate in the federal student aid programs.

Access Database: To eliminate the step of downloading IPEDS separately by survey component or select variables, IPEDS has made available the entire survey data for one collection year in the Microsoft Access format beginning with the 2004-05 IPEDS data collection year. Each database contains the relational data tables as well as the metadata tables that describe each data table, the variable titles, descriptions and variables types. Value codes and value labels are also available for all categorical variables. When downloading an IPEDS Access Database, the file is compressed using WinZip.

Prior to 2004-05 collection year, IPEDS data are not available in Access format. To access IPEDS data prior to 2004-05, please use either the Complete data files or Custom data files functions in the Use the Data's Survey Data.

IPEDS Final and Provisional Data Releases: Provisional release data have undergone all NCES data quality control procedures. Data are imputed for nonresponding institutions. These data are used for First Look (Provisional Data) publications and are released about one year after the initial data collection.

Final release data include revisions to the provisional release data that have been made by institutions during the subsequent data collection year through the Prior Year Revision System. The final release data can be used when the most up to date data are required; however, these data may not match tables from the First Look reports based on preliminary and provisional data. Final data are released about two years after the initial data collection.

Provisional data will not be available in the annual IPEDS Access Database when all survey components have been released as Final. Provisional data releases are still available in the Use the Data portal found on the IPEDS website.

Documentation for IPEDS Access Databases: All IPEDS Access Databases contain metadata tables that describe each data table and provide a list of the variables. The same metadata tables are placed in a WinZip Excel workbook to serve as a standalone reference without having to download an entire database.

Download an IPEDS Access Database:

Database Name Documentation Release Type Release Date
2004-05 Access
zip (39.7mb) | decompressed (305mb)
2004-05 Excel
(IPEDS200405Tablesdoc.xlsx, 680kb)
Final April 2020
2005-06 Access
zip (41.1mb) | decompressed (318mb)
2005-06 Excel
(IPEDS200506Tablesdoc.xlsx, 665kb)
Final April 2020
2006-07 Access
zip (59.4mb) | decompressed (328mb)
2006-07 Excel
(IPEDS200607Tablesdoc.xlsx, 742kb)
Final August 2018
2007-08 Access
zip (42.5mb) | decompressed (336mb)
2007-08 Excel
(IPEDS200708Tablesdoc.xlsx, 808kb)
Final July 2017
2008-09 Access
zip (52.9mb) | decompressed (632mb)
2008-09 Excel
(IPEDS200809Tablesdoc.xlsx, 929kb)
Final July 2017
2009-10 Access
zip (56.9mb) | decompressed (668mb)
2009-10 Excel
(IPEDS200910Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1074kb)
Final July 2017
2010-11 Access
zip (56.9mb) | decompressed (630mb)
2010-11 Excel
(IPEDS201011Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1094kb)
Final May 2020
2011-12 Access
zip (48.6mb) | decompressed (421mb)
2011-12 Excel
(IPEDS201112Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1176kb)
Final April 2016
2012-13 Access
zip (54.5mb) | decompressed (484mb)
2012-13 Excel
(IPEDS201213Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1338kb)
Final April 2016
2013-14 Access
zip (54.4mb) | decompressed (520mb)
2013-14 Excel
(IPEDS201314Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1309kb)
Final April 2016
2014-15 Access
zip (55.9mb) | decompressed (528mb)
2014-15 Excel
(IPEDS201415Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1375kb)
Final April 2017
2015-16 Access
zip (72.9mb) | decompressed (519mb)
2015-16 Excel
(IPEDS201516Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1322kb)
Final August 2018
2016-17 Access
zip (64.2mb) | decompressed (553mb)
2016-17 Excel
(IPEDS201617Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1384kb)
Final January 2019
2017-18 Access
zip (70.4mb) | decompressed (527mb)
2017-18 Excel
(IPEDS201718Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1365kb)
Final December 2019
2018-19 Access
zip (70.6mb) | decompressed (524mb)
2018-19 Excel
(IPEDS201819Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1275kb)
Final March 2021
2019-20 Access
zip (56.7mb) | decompressed (511mb)
2019-20 Excel
(IPEDS201920Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1225kb)
Final December 2021
2020-21 Access
zip (73.3mb) | decompressed (562mb)
2020-21 Excel
(IPEDS202021Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1270kb)
Final January 2022
2021-22 Access
zip (70.3mb) | decompressed (542mb)
2021-22 Excel
(IPEDS202122Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1266kb)
Final January 2024
2022-23 Access
zip (75.1mb) | decompressed (578mb)
2022-23 Excel
(IPEDS202223Tablesdoc.xlsx, 1369kb)
Provisional January 2024