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IPEDS Analytics: Delta Cost Project Database

Welcome to the IPEDS Analytics: Delta Cost Project Database. Here you will find a longitudinal database derived from IPEDS finance, enrollment, staffing, completions and student aid data for academic years 1986-87 through 2011-12. These data have been translated into analytical formats to allow for longitudinal analyses of trends in postsecondary education with a focus on revenues and expenditures. For more information about the Delta Cost Project and American Institutes for Research, who manages the Delta Cost Project.

Project Data and Documentation Files

You can download the database files using the links below. Each zipped file includes the updated 1987-1999 and 2000-2012 database files along with the data dictionary, data mapping file, and program code to create value labels.

Please refer to the following documentation files to learn more about the variables and improvements to the database: