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Graduation Rates (GR)
Graduation Rates (GR)

Graduation rate data provide information on institutional productivity and help institutions comply with reporting requirements of the Student Right-to-Know Act (1990) and the Higher Education Act, amended (2008). Graduation rates data are collected for full-time, first-time degree and certificate-seeking undergraduate students.

Data collected include:

  • Number of students entering the institution as full-time, first-time degree or certificate-seeking students in a particular year (cohort), by race/ethnicity and gender;
  • Number of students completing their program within a time period equal to one and a half times (150%) the normal period of time, by race/ethnicity, gender, and Pell status; and
  • Number of students who transferred to other institutions.

Data Presentation

Source: IPEDS Trend generator using 2020 Graduation Rates component (provisional data): View table
Source: IPEDS 2020-21 Winter surveys, Data Release Web tables, Graduation Rates component (provisional data), Table 2

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