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Data Collection Instruments

ECLS-K:2011 Interviews and Questionnaires

The ECLS-K:2011 interviews and questionnaires are available below to view, download, and print as PDF files. Please note that some of the items within the questionnaires have been redacted to comply with copyright restrictions.

Kindergarten Year (2010-11)

First-Grade Year (2011-12)

Second-Grade Year (2012-13)

Third Grade (Spring 2014)

Fourth Grade (Spring 2015)

Fifth Grade (Spring 2016)

ECLS-K:2011 Direct Child Assessments

ECLS-K:2011 direct child assessments include items that are adapted from several copyrighted assessment batteries; the assessment batteries are not posted here due to copyright restrictions. However, the Direct Cognitive Assessments page provides an overview of the different domains covered by the assessment. Detailed descriptions of the child assessments also are available in the ECLS-K:2011 User’s Manuals and Psychometric Reports.

Researchers who are interested in requesting access to the assessment items with copyrighted wordings, administering the ECLS-K:2011 in their own studies, or viewing copyrighted items in the adult instruments should follow the guidance provided below in the “Accessing the ECLS-K:2011 Direct Assessment Batteries and Copyright-Protected Survey Items” section of this website.

Accessing the ECLS-K:2011 Direct Assessment Batteries and Copyright-Protected Survey Items

The ECLS-K:2011 instruments available on the Instruments and Assessments page present only the non-redacted items.  These items may be used by researchers in their own studies without seeking NCES permission. It is recommended that researchers cite the ECLS-K:2011 or the original source of the items, if noted in the instruments, when including item wording that appears in the non-redacted survey instruments in a research publication. However, items that are redacted do not appear on the website due to copyright restrictions; permission to view these items and/or administer them in one’s own study requires NCES approval.

Item-level ECLS-K:2011 direct child assessment data files are available without associated item wording to those with a restricted-use license. For more information about the ECLS-K:2011 item-level assessment data, please visit the “Data Products” section of the ECLS Publications & Products page. The ECLS-K:2011 also used or adapted copyrighted items with permission for non-assessment instruments that may be viewed or used with NCES, and in some cases, publisher permissions as well. For example, multiple rounds of the teacher child-level questionnaire and parent interviews included the Social Rating Scale (SRS). The SRS included a subset of items, the Approaches to Learning items, that are not copyright protected. The item wording and item-level data for the Approaches to Learning items are publicly available, and researchers may use these items in their own studies without express NCES permission. However, the SRS included many items taken directly or adapted from the Social Skills Rating System (SSRS) (Gresham and Elliott 1990). These items are copyright protected and redacted in the teacher and parent instruments available online, but the wording may be viewed or used with permission. While the item-level non-assessment data are available in the public-use file, the copyright-protected wording is only accessible in the restricted-use data file. For the full list of copyrighted instruments and copyright holders, refer to exhibit 2-8 in the User’s Manual for the ECLS-K:2011 Kindergarten–Fifth Grade Data File.

Researchers interested in obtaining access to review or use the ECLS-K:2011 direct child assessments and other copyright-protected measures such as the SRS for their own research are required to receive publisher permission, NCES ECLS study permission, and in some cases (see table below), a restricted-use data license. The table below shows the required permissions. Researchers who are interested in administering the ECLS-K:2011 assessments in their own studies should follow the guidance provided below. Requesters who are interested only in viewing the assessment easels and individual items (i.e., not seeking access to the assessments to administer them in their own studies) will not be sent electronic copies of the materials. The assessments may be viewed at the NCES offices in Washington, DC by appointment. Appointment requests should be sent to

Data or Assessment Items Requested NCES/ECLS permission Publisher permission Restricted-use license
Copyright-protected Social Rating Scale (SRS) item wording 1 2
Direct child assessment (to administer the items in one's own study)  
Direct child assessment (to view the assessment easels) 3    
Direct child assessment item-level data (without associated item wording)     2
Direct child assessment item-level data with associated item wording 2

1 Publisher permission is only needed to administer these items, not to view them as part of the restricted-use datafile.
2 The IES Data Security Office will not process requests for item-level data until publisher and NCES permission is secured.
3 Easels available for viewing at NCES offices in Washington, DC, by appointment only. Requests for appointments should be sent to

Please refer to the Guidelines for Obtaining Access to and Using the ECLS-K:2011 Direct Assessments and Copyrighted Survey Items. (148 KB)

In addition to complying with the above guidelines, requesters must complete the following forms:

Requesters must submit these documents as well as all copies of granted copyright permissions (if applicable) to

ECLS staff will review the complete application and (if required) publisher permission documentation. If a restricted-use license is needed for access to data, ECLS staff will inform the IES Data Security Office when a requester has obtained required publisher and ECLS staff permissions for access. The requester must then obtain an IES restricted-use license or add the new data in a license amendment request through a separate application process. Requesters will be informed by ECLS staff when their application has been approved and they may begin the process of requesting data from the IES Data Security Office. Note that the IES Data Security Office will not process requests for item-level data until publisher and NCES permission is secured. Information about restricted-use licenses is available here. Questions about the licensing process are best directed to