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Comparisons to Other ECLS Studies

Like its predecessor studies, the ECLS-K:2024 will be exceptionally broad in its scope and coverage of child development, early learning, and school progress, drawing together information from multiple sources to provide rich data about the population of children in the United States who will be in kindergarten in the 2023-24 school year. Also like the other ECLS kindergarten cohort studies, the ECLS-K:2024 will provide comprehensive and reliable data about children's early learning and development, transition into kindergarten and beyond, and progress through elementary grades, as well as data relevant to emerging policy-related issues. The data collected over the course of the study will allow researchers, policymakers, and educators to examine how child, home, classroom, school, and community factors at various points in the child's life relate to development. The study will provide comprehensive and reliable data that can be used to inform public discussion and policies related to early and elementary education.

Comparison to the ECLS-K:

Comparison to the ECLS-K:2011:

New to the ECLS-K:2024:

Preschool children
Elementary children
Middle school children